Israel – The Lost Posts


For your viewing pleasure, pictures will now be incorporated directly onto the blog.

To the illiterate and lazy – you’re welcome.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is pretty... dead.

Yes the rumors are true:

  1. Step into the Dead Sea with an open wound, it hurts.
  2. Lay down on your back or front, float.
  3. Get some Dead Sea water in your eyes – seek the nearest freshwater shower.

All this made possible by a naturally occurring 33% salt concentration (compared to the ocean’s 3-4%) 1,300 feet below sea level.  Clearly this amount of salt makes it physically impossible for anything to live.  We float because the water’s more dense than we are.   Picture the last time you floated in zero gravity… it feels something like that.

So we float, the microscopic cuts and scrapes we didn’t know existed – burn.  It doesn’t help that the floor of the Dead Sea is layered with crystallized salt.  Then we….

Mud Playing

…play in the mud!  What was once a free, naturally occurring substance in the Dead Sea area is now packaged in 20-sheckle ziplock bags full of enough mud to cover you and your closest friend.  Girls and boys alike enjoy smothering themselves, and truthfully the mud coupled with the Dead Sea experience made my skin feel smoother than ever.

Forget the spa… I’ll be back in Israel for my next treatment.


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