Pirate’s Log – The Jordan River


Words of the day –

Yella! – Let’s go!

Se baba! – It’s all good baby, babaayyy.

So many activities!!! I haven’t experienced this much structure since… Last Friday.

This morning we visited the Golan Heights where Israel fought part of three-front war against Egypt, Jordan, and Syria back in the ’70s. Of course Israel rocked shit. This was the Syrian front of the war.

Guided under the iron fist of our guide Avner, we visited an Israeli base just miles from Syrian border where part of the war was fought. The Israeli/Syrian border is easily identifiable… Israel, considered one of the most planted (with trees) nations in the world, is lush with vegetation and greenery. Immediately beyond the border exists little vegetation because Syria does not regulate logging, hunting, or anything environmental. From a distance we saw a village pummeled the ’70s Israeli army, ventured into a creepy dark bomb shelter, and viewed a 30 minute flick of a battle.

From there the group was transported to a mall where we hoovered schwarma, falafal and other yum yum deliciousness.

My bathing suit is still sopping wet from kayaking down the Jordan River. I shared a two-person kayak with a cool chick Sam from LA. We spent most the time getting the other boats mad wet. Our weapon of choice – the oar. It was as relaxing as it was fun. The weather’s been a perfect mix of hotness… About 90-95 and summer.

Kids in Israel have a ton of fun. They slice watermelons in rivers w/knives, they jump off trees into water, they smoke hookahs on the shore… All before the age of 8.

After the kayaking we hiked in hip-depth water and up a rocky trail. Some of the people are so out of shape. You know you’re on a Jewish trip when you hear a ton of complaining.

Common complaints/requests –

“My legs hurt.”

“Can you carry me?”

“I’m gonna hurl.”

Tonight is our last night (of 3) here. Tomorrow, Jerusalem!


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