The Flight – Pirate’s Log: June 13, 2010


We made it (on the plane)… Sorta.

Bad news for one of my comrades. As you know, I was taking this journey with two other sweet dudes. Those two sweet dudes left the city to JFK together. One dropped his passport in the back of the cab and didn’t notice until the cab was long gone. Needless to say – no passport, no good. Despite all efforts to recover the document, no luck.

We’ll miss you buddy.

Let’s switch gears –>

Currently I’m sandwiched between two finnish dwarves in seat 24J aboard Delta Airlines flight #whatever. The cap’n just said it’ll be a 9ish hour flight. I can’t locate my ipod (major bummer.) I know I packed it… Must be in the bag below the plane. Unfortunately that was goin to be my source of entertainment for the flight. I’ll resort to reading the mags in my bag – Maxim, ESPN, and Details. The plane’s huge – double decker style. Our trip is scattered throughout the plane, with three other birthright trips on board as well. Score.

Chilled in the airport with our trip peoples before boarding. About half are from LA and half from NY. Totally a good crew. Def some cuties. How you doooiiin?

Turning phone off. Catch ya in a little.


One Response to “The Flight – Pirate’s Log: June 13, 2010”

  1. 1 daddy of andrew and matt

    Let the games begin. Your most greatest adventure is about to embark. Be the pirate you can be and go out there and (arh) take this trip by storm. Advice from the group ahead of you. Send pictures. Everyone loves pictures. Signing out starfleet commande

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